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My Equipment!

Expanding my filmmaking capability! 


Sony FX6 Kit

The FX6 is the latest in the Sony Cinema line, offering a highly sensitive 4K, Full Frame sensor. Kit includes: 

- Sony FX6 Camera Kit, with FX9 Loupe. 
- Portkeys BM5iii Monitor
- 3x Hawkwood Mini V- Lock Batteries
- Tilta 3x Tray Clip on Mattebox
- Sigma 24-70mm F2.8
- Sigma Art 35mm F1.4 
- Sigma Art 85mm F1.4 - LOWA 14mm F4 
- RODE onboard Video mic 
FX6 wide.jpg


Sony A7slll Kit

The Sony A7sIII is the latest 'S' series mirrorless camera, offering a compact, Full Frame sensor, capable of shooting resolutions up to 4K in 10bit at 120fps. Kit Includes: 

- Sony A7sIII Mirrorless Camera
- Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 
Sigma 35mm F1.4
- Sigma 85mm F1.4 
- Lowa 14mm F4.0
- DJI Wireless Audio Kit 
- RODE onboard mic
- H6 Audio Recorder


Ronin-RS3 Gimbal

The RS3 Pro is the latest and most advanced hand held gimbal on the market, offering extreme stability for cameras weighing up to 5kg. Kit includes: 

- DJI Ronin RS3 Stabiliser
- SmallRig Nano Rail Handle Kit x2
- PortKeys BM5iii Monitor
- SmallRig Monitor Bracket 
- Additional Battery And Carry Case. 
DJI RS3.jpg
DJI Audio.jpg


DJI Wireless Mics

The DJI wireless audio kit is a comprehensive, ready to use system, with up to 250m transmission and a 14hr record limit. Kit includes:

- DJI Wireless Mic Transmitter + Receiver 

- 4x DJI Lapel Mics

Other Kit

- Rode H6 Audio Recorder
- Rode Onboard Video Mic 
- 2x Sony TX-650 Audio Recorders
- 2x Sony ICD Dictaphone Recorder

Slider & Tripods

Electronic Slider

The Ifootage Nano Slider is the worlds most portable, two axis motion slider, offering time lapse or realtime movement for every environment. Kit includes: 

- Ifootage Shark Nano Slider 
- Two Sony NPF Batteries + Charger
- Manfrotto 055 Tripod. 

Other Kit:
- Miller DS30 Heavy Duty Tripod

Manfrotto BeFree Travel Tripod
ISpider Slider.jpg
Mars 4K 2.jpg

Video Accessories

Wireless Video

The Hollyland Mars 4K offers UDH transmission through both SDI and HDMI, with up to 500ft range at less than 0.5s delay. Kit includes:

- Mars 4K TX
- Mars 4K RX
- V-Lock power adapter + cables
- SDI/HDMI cables.

Monitoring kits include: 
- Atomos Shogun 7 Monitor/Recorder
- Portkeys BM5iii Monitor

Focus Accessories

Wireless Focus 

The Nucleus M is a three channel, wireless lens control system, with perfect accuracy and precision. The Kit includes: 

- Nucleus M Wireless Focus Kit
- Nucleus M Fiz Handset
- Nucleus M Focus Motor 
- Cntrl/Run Cable 
- Hand Grip-Carry case
Nucleus M.jpg
Aputure 600d.jpg


Aputure 600d

The 600d is capable of outputting 8,500 lux, equivalent to a 1200 HMI, with a fraction of the power draw. (750w). Kit includes:

- Aputure 600d
- Aputure Fresnel Adapter 
- Aputure Light Dome ii
- Large Light Stand 



Godox TL60 Tubes

The TL60s are a great alternative to the Titan tubes, with very similar versatility. Full RGB tubes with built in light effects. Kit includes: 
- 4x Godox TL60 RGB Tubes

Godox TL60s.jpg
Falcon Eyes RX-24ii PS.jpg


Other Lighting

Further lighting kits are listed below: 

- 1x Falcon Eyes RX-24ii
- 2x Switti RGB Panel Lights

- 2x Neewer Bi-Color LED Panels
- 1x Aputure B7 Bulb

- 1x 300w Arri Fresnel (Tungsten)
- 1x 650w Arri Fresnel (Tungsten)
- 2x C-Stands
- 4x Arri Light Stands

- 24" x 30" Flag/Cutter
- Various Gels/Diffusion/ND
- 4x Sandbags


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